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Welcome to my site and thank you for your interest in Primal Fit Habits

I am a Health Coach and Personal Trainer L3 based in North West London in the UK. Alongside my passion for health, food and fitness I have had a long career in the music business.

Exercise and healthy eating has always been a passion and a lifestyle choice for me. I have had the pleasure of touring the world many times over and along the way been keeping artists and crew fit and healthy on the road and making sure we eat the right foods to keep us all well and strong for the long road ahead (Not the rock and roll life style you would expect but it works)

I’m a Level 3 NASM certified Personal Trainer and certified Primal Health Coach. Health to me is about what you eat, how you move and the way you live your life. My approach is linked through commitment evolution and modern science and as I get older(now into my mid 50s) I feel that health and mental wellbeing is becoming more important to me.

Dale Hanson

Enjoy some tunes…

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