Paleo Diet

This is not another diet plan, another way of monitoring what you’re eating and how many calories to consume. It’s all about lifestyle habits, going back to eating proper natural nutrient dense foods, foods that our body’s love to eat, and the food that our bodies are designed to eat. 

Eating paleo simply means sourcing more of the natural foods our ancestors ate through evolution as hunter gatherers, and before farming took a hold on civilisation.

Our ancestors were exceptional physical specimens who lived their entire lives, by necessity, in peak health and physical condition. In survival of the fittest environmental selection pressure, those who were weak, sick, or lacking intelligence were not able to reproduce successfully. Hence, these genes were eliminated in favour of healthy, strong, smart genes.

 We lived off the land with nutrient dense vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, fish, poultry, and game. None of the highly processed and refined foods with sugar starch chemically formed oils that form the bulk of the western diet today.

Keeping food natural, simple, local, seasonal and delicious is in line with our genes that have not changed since our hunter gatherer days, modern food and mass scale farming techniques has completely made a transformation for the worst.

Here I will be introducing local seasonal food ideas and recipes that are simple fun and quick to make.

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