Primal Fit Habits App

All of our packages include membership to our interactive app.

What do I get from the app?

The Primal Fit Habits app allows you access to interactive features that are tailored to your fitness ability and life’s goals.

These include: exercise videos, monitoring your progress, current health topics, news, blogs, tasty primal nutritional ideas, as well as updates on any up and coming offers, events and activities.

You’ll be assigned your own personal fitness regime with includes videos of the exercises.

You can scan the barcode of any food or drink and add the items to your nutrition plan making it easier to track your food and drink intake and how it is affecting your targets.

You can use the built in calendar to book and change your sessions with Dale. There’s also a built in chat facility so you can easily contact Dale, and he can keep in touch with you!

The app also has the option to include progress photos, so you can track your progress visually if you wish.

And that’s just some highlights! We hope you’ll join us and experience all the great features in the app!

Primal Fit Habits App FAQ

Firstly, you need to purchase your package to gain access.

When you book your package you will be asked to create an account by providing your email and a password.

Once you have purchased your package you can CLICK HERE to LOG IN
The app is available on your:

Search for 'My PT Hub' on the App Store or Google Play

Apple Watch - See below 'Q. Can I install the app on my Apple Watch?' for details

Either go to the LOG IN page and click 'I Forgot!' which will take you to the 'Reset my Password' page.

Or go directly to the Reset my Password page, and enter your email address.

You will receive an email with instructions to reset your password.

Yes you can!
    1. Make sure you have installed the latest version of the 'My PT Hub' app from the App Store
    2. For best results, turn on your Bluetooth and Wifi and ensure your watch is connected.
    3. Go to My PT Hub App > Settings > Feature Settings > Integrations and toggle the Apple Watch to “On”.
    4. You will be directed to the Apple Watch App. In here, you can scroll down and select “Install” next to My PT Hub.
    5. After a few seconds, you will see a confirmation that the Watch app has been installed.
The app makes it possible for Dale to deliver a session, or for you to log your own session “hands free”.

Get started, you can:
  • Start Today’s Session to ‘Quick Start’
  • Search or Choose an Assigned Workout from a list.

To log a workout:
  • Click the check mark button to confirm a set is complete. The button will change to green to confirm the log.
  • Select the Left and Right arrows to move through the sets of the exercise.
  • View the set metrics and override with progress by selecting the metric and scrolling up and down, or using the click wheel.

  During a workout, Swipe Right for the Exercise list, where you can:
  • Log a Completed or Partially Completed Workout for your client.
  • View Super Sets and Giant Sets.

During a workout, Swipe Left for the Options Menu, where you can:
  • Browse and switch between Exercises within a workout.
  • Replace Exercises, View Info and History during a workout.
  • Use the in-built timer. After the workout, you can track a Positive or Negative response to the workout log.
There are two settings on the calendar.

One to view any bookings you have made, that will feature under your name.

The other is any packages and events that are available and they feature under 'The company' option

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DISCLAIMER:Primal Fit Habits provides education, guidance and tips on Primal living. No advice, recommendations, or information is intended to be medical advice or a substitute for a diagnosis or treatment that a doctor, licensed dietitian, physical therapist or health care professional might recommend. Always seek personal, specific, professional healthcare advice before making any changes in your diet or exercise routines.